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Champions born in 1998


Ch. Nanjay's Lethal Weapon - "Danny"
Breeder: Nanci J. Footitt

Not to be outdone by his "big" brother Mel, Danny earned his Canadian championship with some nice BB (Best of Breed) wins along the way. We are planning on entering Danny in some U.S. shows and finishing his American championship. Danny loves playing with his big brother Mel, three pot-bellied pigs (!), AND cats -- and doing work in tracking with his mom, Natalie Boyd. We are delighted with the promising youngsters Danny has sired. (Note: Natalie is a big Mel Gibson movie fan, which is how her two 'boys' got their names. The only lethal weapons Danny has are his singing voice and wagging tail!)

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Ch. Nanjay's Heritage - "Harley"
Breeder: Nanci J. Footitt

Ruth purchased her first springer, "Baxter", from Nanjay in 1984. Fourteen years later she got Harley, and thought that this time it might be fun to show her new puppy. And fun is what Harley kept it ~ finishing his Canadian championship in two weekends with multiple BB (Best of Breed) wins (with his first weekend spent figuring out what I was asking him to do). Harley enjoys his time entertaining Ruth, Louise and Rosie with his great sense of humour and acting as an ambassador for the breed wherever he goes.

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Ch. Nanjay's Nickelodeon - "Nikita"
Breeder: Nanci J. Footitt

Nikita is known as the sweet "little sister", being the only sister to brothers Mel, Danny, Bentley and Harley. Nikita was handled as a puppy by her best friend, Sarah Regev, earning a BPIG (Best Puppy In Group) along the way, and finished at just over a year of age (pictured above), this time with Nanci on the end of the lead. Nikki is a kind, gentle "lady" and worships her parents, Suzanne Aikman and Andrew Ross. We anticipate great things from her babies.

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