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November Bulletin Board
Dear Springer Enthusiasts:

I would love to tell you that the gorgeous picture above of the lovely red barn all "decked out" for Fall is exactly the way it looks here at Nanjay. I'd like to tell you that --- but I'd be stretching the truth. Here in Caledon, on the three acres where we live, we do have an old barn with a view "to die for" and a wonderful piece of property as well. But around here there are always piles of leaves, all raked, waiting to be put into bags. Waiting, that is, until the Springers come out to play - and remind me that the only thing more fun than jumping in a pile of leaves is having three Springers running through the piles and flattening them to the ground! Oh well, where did I leave that rake??
We are very excited for Sheila Kuja and her young, talented little liver and white Springer, "Lexi". As I said in August's Bulletin Board - if you are not familiar with the "open" class in obedience competitions - then you are not familiar with hard work and major accomplishments!

Sheila and Lexi entered one day at the Dominion Collie and Shetland Sheepdog All Breed Obedience Trial on Monday, October 11th (our Thanksgiving Monday holiday). And yes, they had something extra to be thankful for, as all of that hard work and training paid off; Lexi and Sheila earned a score of 192 / 200, giving her the third leg for her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title. Now Lexi is also known as Nanjay's Canamer Legacy CDX CGN.

Sheila said, "Lexi worked well but we lost some valuable points on the heel work because of an error I made - so her score wasn't as good as it could have been but SHE PASSED and that was the main thing!!!! We went for a glorious run in the fields behind the trial site for a happy reward - as well as all the turkey for treats that she'd received after the trial."

Congratulations Sheila and Lexi on your excellent work! Way to go - we're very proud of you both and duly impressed!!
Last, but not least, "Congratulations" to Mary Oram and husband Andrew Beyer on the (early!) arrival of their son, Michael Ryan, born October 26th. Michael is a baby brother to Matthew and now Hillary is smiling at the thought of having two human boys to play with. (In case you were wondering, Hillary is the lovely liver and white Springer girl, "Nanjay's Woman Of Influence".
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