May 2005
Nature's Masterpieces
Petals of a bright bouquet
That grow within God's earth
Masterpiece of gentleness
Hues of greatest worth

Petals made of special light
That soften hearts with care
Dotted on the universe
Soft colors everywhere

Beauty that is sacrosanct
In life it shall remain
Sleeps in seasons of our rest
Then wakes up love's refrain

Eyes are filled with wonder
With pallet of such peace
Filling all our emptiness
God's masterpiece complete

Resonating love to all
In such a grand display
Love within a floral spray
It fills the heart each day

Soft and gentle is the peace
That touches hearts with care
Petals soft throughout the world
God's answer to a prayer.

~ Francine Pucillo~


May Bulletin Board

Dear Springer Enthusiasts:

Many thanks to my clients who have been so patiently waiting to get their Springers groomed. I have been unable to groom at all for the last few weeks - I was involved in a car accident (where the other car completely neglected the stop sign!) and my old body has been under repair. But things are getting better, thanks to the AIM clinic and their super staff of a kinestheologist, a physiotherapist and a chiropractor.

I had a neck, shoulder and arm injury and will be continuing physio for several more weeks. The main thing is that everyone is okay - except for the vehicles (both were totalled!) I have also been "busy" searching for a new (old) van - one that can easily accommodate me, my son, our stuff, the Springers, their stuff and all of the dog food I deliver.

So, with that out of the way, let's get on to the real GOOD stuff.

"Da-da-da-da" (That was supposed to be the sound of a trumpet trilling the upcoming announcement)

Congratulations and a standing round of applause are extended to our friend Sheila Kuja and her liver and white obedience bombshell, "Lexi". Lexi is now known as "O.T.Ch. Nanjay's Canamer Legacy CGN". (OTCH stands for "Obedience Trial Champion" which means that Sheila and Lexi have achieved their three legs in Utility) AND, not only did Sheila and Lexi earn their Utility in only TWO weekends, but they did it earning one first with a score of 195 in a class of 20 dogs and two seconds with scores of 195 and 190.

As you know, I have been gushing about the work that Sheila and Lexi have been doing these last few bulletins - but I cannot tell you enough of the hard work, dedication, and time that these achievements take. Sheila, we are so proud (and impressed) by your accomplishments - and I know you're not finished yet!

And by the way, Lexi is the first Nanjay Springer to earn this award. Yahoo! (I have great hopes for a couple of more OTCH titles in the near future - hint, hint, Penny and Tyler!)

Okay gang, it is spring now so all of you Springer owners have to get to work! Make sure you are brushing your Springer regularly as a lot of that "extra" undercoat that Springers can grow over the winter is going to be falling out. And it can either fall out on your couch and pants or in your brush - you decide. Be sure that you are using your slicker brush on the body of your Springer and really pull out that dead undercoat.

Now that the snow is gone your Springer will be coming in from all of his/her walks and play sessions with some of the 'forest' stuck in their furnishings. Take a couple of seconds to check for any little sticks, old burrs or leaves and gently pull them out of the coat with your fingers and follow with a brushing with your pin brush. It is so much easier on both of you to check the coat every day than to wait several days until you groom your Springer - because by this time there is a big mat of hair wrapped around the matter and you have a mess.

Also remember to keep those feet trimmed nice and short - it certainly does help eliminate all of the spring mud that would end up all over your floors. Leave the job of tracking mud into your house to your kids!

I don't know who is happier to see this spring weather (or in the case of where I live, 'almost' spring-like weather) - the dogs or me. The Springers are so happy to be racing around the yard, finding sticks that have been hiding under the snow all winter long or scaring away the ducks that are attempting to find a home in the pond just beyond the fence. I have finally put away the snow shovels in the barn - so now I am sure that the Fur Patrol will find some other way of tormenting me (in case you haven't read previous bulletins, the gang used to steal my snow shovel and drag it back a couple of acres for me to find!). I am trying to keep the pooper scooper shovel and rake out of their reach so I may be okay this season!

Till next month, take care, have fun with your Springers, and a quote with Mother's Day in mind ...

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one." ~ author unknown ~


Happy Mothers Day


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