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Fellow Springer Enthusiasts:

May I start this month's bulletin board out by extending my thanks to the friends who have written or called with their condolences over the loss of our cherished companion, Norbert (Am. Can. Ch. Nanjay's Noteworthy) this past December. A completed version of Norbert's memorial page is now finished and is accessible by clicking on Norbert's photo on the home page.

I have been at a loss with things the last few months, since the passing of Norbert, and I do apologize to you all for not writing in our usual 'monthly news'. I thank our webmistress for posting the bulletin board in January.

I have been amiss since December in writing you, so here goes:

I would like to wish everyone a (belated) Happy New Year. I hope that 2006 is a year filled with pleasures for everyone -- both two footed and four-footed friends! 2006 is the year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar, and I do pray that it a wonderful year for us ALL!


I do hope that most of you made note of the fact that February was dental health month for our pets.

Did you know that...

  • the earlier you start a good home dental program, the less likely your pet will need to go under anesthesia to have a professional cleaning
  • like humans, pets can get bacterial and tartar buildup on their teeth, leading to deep gum disease, or periodontitis (bone loss). The gums and underlying bone recede as a consequence of the untreated infection, resulting in loose, painful teeth, inflamed gums, and exposed roots.
  • severe dental disease can cause secondary heart, liver, brain and kidney problems
  • 85% of cats and dogs age of four suffer from some form of periodontal disease (there are four stages)
Just because it is no longer February is no excuse -- remember to brush your Springer's teeth regularly and to have your veterinary do a check-up on his/her teeth next visit.

Lexi and Sheila:

I am sure many of you have been wondering why I haven't made any recent reports on Sheila Kuja and her little liver and white obedience bombshell, Lexi. Sadly, Lexi sustained an injury (a herniated disc in the lumbar region of her back) while out playing.

Lexi is an extremely agile little girl and has no idea what her little body can and can not do -- she is fearless when playing with all of the big dogs. Sheila and Lexi had to postpone all of the planned fall and winter trials and matches while therapy started.

Sheila reports that Lexi has gained weight since she hasn't been as mobile and agile as she is used to being! However, things are looking up - even if it's a very slow process. Sheila tried Lexi at the "swimming game" - so it's been underwater treadmill work for Lexi in the Beaches area of Toronto, where Sheila makes the long drive twice a week.

Lexi really likes Tania (the vet assistant) and now climbs the ramp and goes to the treadmill all on her own. The treadmill is on a hydraulic lift, so it descends into the water to whatever depth is required. As well, I know that Lexi has chiropractor and acupuncture treatments along with massage therapy.

I am sure then, you will as happy as I am to learn that [as reported by Sheila], "Lexi seemed to be coming along nicely and since I was just itching to get back into competition, I drove to Maitland, just east of Brockville, on Sunday to a Rally-O trial and she earned that third leg for her Excellent title (RX-MCL)".

So Lexi is now known as OTCH. Nanjay's Canamer Legacy CGN, AGN, UKC-CD, RX-MCL, SADC. (I think that Lexi now has more initials after her name than the Dean of Oxford!)

Congratulations to both Lexi and Sheila. We are proud of you both and have our fingers crossed that Lexi continues on the road to full recovery.

Accident Up-date:

Everett continues to amaze me with his good nature and general goofiness. I am happy to report that he is coming along, and despite his limp, is keeping up with Miss Atti Tude when they are playing together. Everett does tire out easily, and if he has a busy day his limp is much more noticeable at the end of the day. His coat is staring to grow back now, and later this year both 'halves' of him should match him and all of his hair be the same length!

I have been plodding along since we last spoke. December saw me having some knee surgery in an attempt to remove some glass fragments from the accident in August. This past month I had some oral surgery as we (slowly) replace the teeth that were fractured in the collision. I am wearing a temporary partial for a few months until we are able to replace the teeth with a permanent bridge and crowns -- so if you talk to me on the phone, please don't ask me to say the letter "S" a lot -- it certainly doesn't sound too good!?! :)

I have had one MRI done and am awaiting the second one in early March. It wasn't as bad as I feared -- and I learned something interesting about myself. Even with all of the noise of the machine, I am able to fall asleep and NOT move (literally) a muscle! (Must be all of those years sleeping with the Springers -- if you move, you lose your spot!) I also have a new leg/foot brace (for the "drop foot") which is a big improvement over the last brace as this one fits inside my shoe or boot). I am still continuing on with physio, chiropractors and such.

(aka Miss Atti Tude)

To answer the request from many of you, Miss Atti's last photo shoot for Volvo Canada is now on the Nanjay website. Volvo was kind enough to send me a copy of the magazine advertisement as well as the billboard ad. To view, click here. The picture can also be found under Atti's name on our photographs section on this site.

Oh yes, speaking of "cover girls" there's more information on another Nanjay cover girl coming up .....

Till next month, take care. And as always, have fun with your Springers.


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