Happy 12th Birthday Norbert


Dear Springer Enthusiasts:

August, all ready!! Wow, this summer is going by so fast. Could it seem that way as the Springers are spending so much of it indoors this year? Here in Caledon, Ontario we have had countless hot, humid days of over 35 degrees Celsius heat, and with the humidity factor is feels as if it is over 40 degrees! (Range has been between 95F - 105F). Too hot for my dogs --- so they run outside, dash around like the athletes that they are, do their business and fly back to the door, requesting to be let in again to the nice, cool, air-conditioned house (where Miss Atti Tude, the piglet, likes to lie right over the registers and keep all of the cool air for herself!). The Springers nap for a bit, the way Springers do, and off again outside and the pattern is repeated. Ah, yes, summer!!!

Some very notable events this past month of July .......

We will start off by offering congratulations to Linda Sheldrick of Ottawa, Ontario and her sweet little black and white girl, "Penny" (Nanjay's Common Cents). Linda and Penny recently attended their very first obedience trial on July 15 - 17, 2005 at the Vermont Cluster, USA. In the Novice B class, Penny and Linda earned their first leg towards their American CD with a score of 195 ½ and a 1st in Novice B! Next day saw another qualifying score of 197 ½, and a second in the Novice B class! Third day, well what can we say..... an American CD title..... this time with a first place score in the Novice B class of 199 and a High In Trial!!!! (Remember, you can't get any higher than a "perfect" score of 200!)

As I said to Linda, "Some teams start out with a bang.....and some start out with a sonic boom!!" Congratulations to Linda and Penny, who is now known as Nanjay's Common Cents, Am. CD. I can't wait to see what comes next!!

And not to be outdone, Sheila Kuja and "Lexi" are still shining brightly like the stars that they are. This dynamic duo entered their first Canadian Kennel Club Agility Trial. And yes, they came away with yet another title, their "AGN" (Agility Novice) earning a first and second place on the way! But this team never sits and rests on their laurels, so the girls entered their first Rally-O trial, and well, you can predict the outcome! Lexi passed all three trials to earn her RN (Rally Novice), MCL (Magna cum laude) - all scores over l90! So now Sheila's little girl is known as OTCH. Nanjay's Canamer Legacy, CGN, AGN, UKC-CD, RN-MCL.

Now if Sheila only had as much success with keeping the skunks away from Lexi as she does in the competition rings, she might have a sweeter smelling little girl.

July also saw a couple of special birthdays here at Nanjay. As many of you know, I offer boarding and grooming to any Nanjay Springers, and the last week of July saw two littermates staying here at Camp Nanjay and celebrating their 13th birthday! Belated greetings go to "Sophie" (Ch. Nanjay's Lady Silken) and her litter brother "Joey" (Ch. Nanjay's Joe Cool) who had an enjoyable day celebrating here at Camp. All I need to say is that quite a lot of cuddles, kisses, cookies (and naps) were involved with the celebration!

Happy 13th Birthday Sophie and Joey!!!

And speaking of birthdays, our dear sweet ol' Norbert ... head honcho, pack leader, senior dog of the Nanjay Fur Patrol, celebrated his 12th Birthday this past month! I can hardly believe it. My son Corbin was barely a year old when Norbert was born. Where does the time go? We celebrated the day with a special cake, water games and food games (the Springers favourites!), and lots of cuddling and kissing. I took some photos of the day's celebration for you to share. (Will post ASAP.)

Happy 12th Birthday Norbert!!!

Photo Slideshow

Please click HERE (or on the camera icon) to view our Photo Slideshow Presentation of Norbert's Birthday Party. (requires Java enabled browser.) * Allow a moment for the pictures to load and ENJOY!!!

Take care, and as always, have fun with your Springers.


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