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April Bulletin Board

Fellow Springer Enthusiasts:

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

As you are reading this I am hoping that spring has found your corner of the world. Caledon, as usual, always offers a "challenge" when it comes to the weather. Only just recently I spent a warm afternoon outside washing and disinfecting the dog run with the power washer - a definite sign that spring was here (so I thought!). Then just two days after the power washing adventure I was outside shovelling the snow and making a path to the dog run. Yuck! I know, I know, .....this way we are provided with even more of our Springers' favourite part of spring - MUD!!

Things have been quiet here (yes, my new pastime of going to physio and lots of medical appointments does keep me rather busy! ) I don't have much for news but I would like to take this opportunity to offer my applause and congratulations to two very hard-working ladies, and their very special Springers. Both Linda Sheldrick and her black and white baby, "Penny" and Sheila Kuja with her liver and white bombshell, "Lexi" have added some new titles to their names and accomplishments. Both ladies did a little "report" for this bulletin board. Many thanks Linda and Sheila, and I am very proud of you both.

From Linda Sheldrick:

Penny and I set out from Ottawa for Montreal on Saturday, April 8th to compete in the Lakeshore Dog Club's annual spring trials, in hopes of completing her Canadian C.D. title. Not only did she do that, but scored an impressive 199.5 in Novice B under judge William Yates. We had to sweat it out and wait until late afternoon to find out if her score would "stand" as the "High in Trial".

   Luckily for us, there wasn't a run-off in order to determine the HIT winner as her score beat out the next closest score of 199 in the Open class, from an American exhibitor with her Dalmatian. We came away with a lovely plaque and a huge rosette that now adorns her "ribbon wall" over her crate.

   I also heard today from a lady who was the trophy director for the trials, that Penny also won the Highest score for any type of Spaniel, highest score for a dog from Sporting Group (#1) and Highest score for an English Springer Spaniel. The lady will mail me those prizes as I didn't realize at the time that she had won those too! I felt totally shocked and we left Montreal before they could present us with those as well.

   She will compete in Vermont this July for her American CDX title and in York, Pennsylvania in the All Star Dog Tournament. I am truly thrilled with this lovely Nanjay girl. Onward HO!

From Sheila Kuja:

On April 1st, Lexi earned two Rally Versatility "legs" at the Hamilton Dog Obedience Club's trial held near Guelph, Ontario and on April 21st, she earned the final "leg" for her "RV" title at the Rat Pack Dogsport trial in Caledon East, Ontario.

In two trials Lexi earned 199/200 but her handler (Sheila) made a mistake each time and lost points for the team. Nevertheless, all scores were above 190, so once again Lexi received the "MCL" designation (Magna Cum Lada).

Since the "RV" is a relatively new title in Canadian Rally, Lexi is now among a very elite group of dogs, probably less than 10, who have earned their Rally Versatility title.

Many owners do not want to teach their dogs to "heel" on the "wrong" side (to their right) or do some of the interesting turns and crosses (including weaving through your legs) to have them working on both the left and right sides during the routine. Four changes of side are required in every versatility course and, just as in agility, every course is different. It actually seems more challenging for the handlers than for the dogs.

Rally is a great way to introduce your dog to obedience (see the article in this spring's ESSCC National Springer Newsletter). You can talk to them in the ring and reward them with food in the lower classes (novice and advanced), making the "ring" a fun place to be. Lexi just loves to hear what a great job she's doing as we heel from sign to sign in the course!

Since her back leg still isn't strong enough to do any jumping yet, obedience and agility will have to be postponed. Our next venture will be into the realm of tracking. I'm predicting that this will become one of Lexi's favourite activities since it involves finding wieners. Yahoo!


I just received the final obedience standings for year 2005 from the National Club (English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada).

Top Novice B Springer for 2005
Nanjay's Common Cents Am.Can. C.D.
Linda Sheldrick

Top Utility Springer for 2005
O.T.CH. Nanjay's Canamer Legacy

Sheila Kuja


Till next month, take care. And as always, have fun with your Springers.


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