Thoughtfully breeding the English Springer Spaniel for exceptional temperament, soundness, quality, dependability, good health. Puppies occasionally. Reservations suggested. Limited Breedings.

Welcome to Nanjay English Springer Spaniels in Ontario, Canada -
C.K.C. Perm Reg'd, Since 1976.

Welcome to Nanjay English Springer Spaniels

"Where quality extends beyond the show ring."
English Springer Spaniel top breeder, multi award winner.

The English Springer Spaniel has been my breed of choice since the '70s when I was kennel manager at Springcasa Kennels, working for Mrs. Kathleen Martyn, a well known ESS breeder. I selected, and fell completely in love with, a Springer puppy of my own, a lovely black & white female, who I named "Mandy". She grew up to become a Champion, my first obedience dog, my best friend, and the foundation of Nanjay's line of English Springer Spaniels.

I have been fortunate to have placed my puppies in wonderful homes throughout the years, with families who love & care for them, as we do. Nanjay owners become members of our extended family, and we encourage them to keep in touch with us, always. Our lives have been enriched by these friendships & by all of these special dogs. We invite you to meet some of our beloved Springers, past & present, from eleven generations of Nanjay bloodlines.

Nanci Footitt


We are a small, select kennel thoughtfully breeding English Springer Spaniels for exceptional temperament, soundness, quality, dependability & good health, since 1976.

Located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

C.K.C. Permanently Registered (Canadian Kennel Club)

Eyes certified normal annually & hips both x-rayed and/or PennHIP-certified.

Socialized, family-raised English Springer Spaniel puppies as companions, loving pets, show & obedience prospects, for the discriminating buyer.

Reservations suggested. Limited Breedings. Puppies available occasionally.

Written guarantees.

Multiple recipient of Pedigree
CKC Top Breeder award.
Rainbow Bridge - Tribute page in Loving Memory of 'Norbert' ~ Can/Am Ch. Nanjay's Noteworthy


The English Springer Spaniel is a member of the Sporting-Gundog Group. The breed came to this continent in 1907 and was first registered in Canada in 1913 - 1914. The English Springer Spaniel has earned a reputation as an outstanding all-purpose sporting dog and has accounted for some spectacular winning in the show ring.

We are pleased to present photos of many of our outstanding Nanjay English Springer Spaniels from past to present. This site contains photographs & information about our dogs (60 Champions from 1976-2004); pedigrees; pet & puppy pictures; & articles about this well-loved spaniel breed, including Puppy Training Tips, Pet Care & more.

The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself, too. -- Samuel Butler

We hope you enjoy your visit to our web-site!

You can say any foolish thing to your dog, and your dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' -- Dave Barry

History: Nanjay English Springer Spaniels story from beginning History: Nanjay's story starting in 1976
"Over the years we have done well in the conformation show & obedience ring having bred/owned 60 Champions, and co-bred several more. Nanjay dogs have earned Best In Show, Best in Specialty Show, as well as H.I.T. (High In Trial) in obedience competition. Nanjay is a multiple recipient of Pedigree/C.K.C.'s award for Breeder Of The Year. However, it is in the home environment that our Springers really shine. For nearly thirty years, I have been fortunate to have placed my dogs in wonderful homes, and knowing that these dogs make such a valuable contribution to their respective families is the greatest reward of all." Nanci Footitt

Nanjay English Springer Spaniels: Photos of our dogs, past & present. Hundreds of pictures with descriptions & pedigrees. Nanjay English Springer Spaniels: Past and Present
We are pleased to present photos of some outstanding Nanjay Springers from past & present. We have different categories of Nanjay photos. Our beloved Nanjay Bridge Angels section has photos of some of our past dogs. The Conformation "show photos" of our present day Champions include descriptions about these dogs & pedigrees. Next we have a number of beautiful portraits & head studies, as well as calendar shots, with pedigrees. Our dogs have been featured in English Springer Spaniel Calendars many times over the years. We also have some Fun photos :-)

English Springer Spaniel Breed Information Articles Information Articles - ESS Breed Info and General Dog Info

Thinking of buying a Springer? ESS Breed History, ESS Breed Standard, An English Springer Spaniel may NOT be the right dog for you, Health articles. Plus information that pertains, not just to spaniels, but to all breeds of dogs, Choosing a good breeder, FAQ (frequently asked doggy questions) etc..

Puppyhood is a most important time and a most critical time for your dog. What you do and what you do not do will affect your dog's behaviour forever. Articles include: Importance of Socialization, Do's & Don'ts, The word NO and teaching puppies, How to Teach Bite Inhibition (by Dr. Ian Dunbar), Puppy Biting & Mouthing, Earning Trust & Respect, & more ...

ESSentials Giftware: English Springer Spaniel Collectibles ESSentials Giftware: English Springer Spaniel Collectibles
Whether you are an avid collector of English Springer Spaniel items, or simply in need of a present for a Springer-loving friend, Nanjay may just have that special something you've been looking for. We like to think of these gifts as ESSentials for any Springer Spaniel enthusiast!

Favourite Links to English Springer Spaniel sites & more Links: Sites you may find helpful
Favourite Links to Canadian, American and British Kennel Clubs, & English Springer Spaniel Breed Clubs, ESS Grooming articles, Magazines, Health issues, English Springer Spaniel Rescue, & more.

Nanjay English Springer Spaniel Nursery News Nursery News:
When we have a litter of English Springer Spaniel puppies, this is where we have birth announcements and display photos of pups and their mom and dad (Dam & Sire). Pups are usually spoken for before they are born. Reservations suggested. Limited Breedings. Puppies available occasionally only.

Pupdates - Watch a litter of Nanjay English Springer Spaniel puppies as they grow Past Pupdates: Photos of Keeper x Lately pups
Watch a litter of Nanjay English Springer Spaniel puppies as they grow. There are photos & descriptions of pups with their mom at 3 days, 14 days, 24 days, 32 days, 40 days & at 47 days. These pics were taken in Fall of 2002.

Search this Nanjay English Springer Spaniel site or Web Search with Customized Google Search engine Search This Site / Search The Web
Are you trying to find something on this site, for example ~ a particular Nanjay English Springer Spaniel? We have our own search engine from Freefind. When you type in a word or phrase you are looking for, you will be taken to a Search Results page. You can also Search The Web with Nanjay's Customized Google Search.

Nanjay English Springer Spaniels Site Map Site Map: includes every page on this site
We have a total 230 pages on 'Nanjay English Springer Spaniels' site to-date. More pages & photos are added on a regular basis, so please check back often for updates, news flashes & holiday greetings.

Solid Gold Products - Dog food, supplements, health care Solid Gold: Dog food, supplements, health care
At Nanjay we take a holistic approach to dog nutrition and feed only the finest quality dog food to our Springers. Our puppies eat Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken Puppy Food; adults eat Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken Adult Dog Food. Even our Ragdoll cat eats Solid Gold -- cat food. We also use, and sell to our many happy clients, Solid Gold's full line of products, including Sea Meal supplement, treats, biscuits, shampoos, conditioners, & more.

The Journey (a story of love)  The Journey (a story of love and living with a pet)

Nanjay English Springer Spaniels proudly Made In Canada

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. -- Roger Caras

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Nanjay English Springer Spaniels

Nanci J. Footitt
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